На благодійній вечері Ніки Білоцерківської та Євгена Чичваркіна

A charity dinner was held by Nika Bilotserkivska and Yevhen Chichvarkin, which managed to raise almost 7 million hryvnias!

A charity dinner was held by the incredible Nika Bilotserkivska, Yevhen Chychvarkin and Olya Polyakova, which managed to raise almost 7 million hryvnias!

All these funds go to the Svitlana Legka’s Charity Foundation “Svitlii” and to complex medicine and takmed in Tata Kepler charity fund.

During these two years, Nika and Yevgeny managed to collect 108 million 240 thousand hryvnias for 12 charity dinners! These funds were used to purchase a lot of general medicine, painkillers, complex antibiotics, medical equipment, cars, generators, more than a thousand sets of tactical clothing, and more than 100 tons of products for our military.

We sincerely thank Nika and Yevhen for this charitable initiative. Special words of gratitude to Olya Polyakova. Thank you, our bright people! Our gratitude to you is boundless!

Also, thank you to everyone who joined this noble cause. We thank everyone who remains with Ukraine, who continues to help in the most important time in our history.

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