About the Charity Foundation "Svitlii"

Світлана Андріївна Легка благодійний фонд Світлий

Svitlana Legka

The founder of the Svitlana Legka’s Charity Foundation "Svitlii", a member of the voluntary formation of the territorial community, a military volunteer

Our history

The Svitlana Legka’s Charity Foundation “Svitlii” was founded in 2022.

Before the start of the full-scale invasion, we – artists, producers, people of creative professions – worked in the company “Ukrtourconcert”, which organized large-scale all-Ukrainian and international events, festivals, filmed television projects, engaged in booking Ukrainian and world stars of culture and art, cinema and sports.

Since the beginning of the war in the East of Ukraine in 2014, our community has been actively engaged in volunteering, in addition to the main activity, and helping the military in the war zone and the affected civilians.

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the unfolding of a large-scale war – genocide against Ukrainians, we opened the doors of our premises as a shelter from rocket fire, where more than three hundred Kyivans stayed for two months. We provided assistance with basic necessities: food, medicines, hygiene products, clothes, etc. This is how the Volunteer Center for Humanitarian Aid “Pechersk” was created: adults and children, young people and the elderly, from 6 to 84 years old – rallied to help those who needed it most. After the de-occupation of the Kyiv region, the residents of Borodyanska, Makarivska, Ivankivska, Vyshgorodska communities systematically received “First Bread” from us.

The geography of activity has expanded to other regions of Ukraine – this is how the Charity Organization “Charity Foundation “Svitlana Legka’s “Svitlii” was created with new areas of activity. After the de-occupation of certain territories, the Foundation began to send large humanitarian supplies to various towns and cities of Ukraine: Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson regions. And the most important and necessary humanitarian aid was directed to the military at the front.

Our humanitarian aid warehouse has expanded to 1500 m2. Branches were opened in the Kyiv region with permanent representatives of the fund in the village of Novy Korohod of Buchansky district and village Krasna Slobidka, Obukhiv district.

Activity of the Fund now

Provides for the needs of more than 53 divisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with basic necessities, logistical and motor vehicles.

Provides combat medics, stabilization centers on the front lines with medicines and consumables for tactical medicine, ambulances and evacuation vehicles.

Helps the affected civilian population of the Borodyanka OTG of the Kyiv and Kherson regions, is actively engaged in providing assistance to the affected families and children. Takes care of an orphanage from Kharkiv, a hospice for the elderly in the village of Klavdiievo-Tarasove, Kyiv region, helps to the Kherson Regional Hospital and the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital.

Provides humanitarian aid to war-affected preschools, schools and sports schools for children and youth, organizes leisure activities for children suffering from the consequences of the Russian invasion. Helps with the arrangement of shelters in schools and the restoration of the infrastructure of educational institutions in the territory of the Borodyanka OTG of the Kyiv region.

We actively engage cultural and artistic figures to help civilians, children and military personnel. We organize and hold charitable, cultural and artistic events, concerts in which famous artists participate, with the aim of encouraging benefactors to join in fundraising for aid.

We cooperate with medical institutions of Ukraine, which literally work and stand today on the guard of life, and where children and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are treated and rehabilitated. Namely, with the National Children's Specialized Hospital of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "Okhmatdyt" and the First Medical Association of the City of Lviv, which includes 5 hospitals: St. Panteleimon Hospital, St. Nicholas Children's Hospital, St. Luke's Hospital, Medical Rehabilitation Center, St. Anna's Hospital and the National "Nezlamni" rehabilitation center.

The war continues and many Ukrainians, especially children, in our country suffer from the consequences of Russia’s military aggression every day and need help.

The Svitlana Legka’s Charity Foundation “Svitlii” accepts financial support of charitable projects and programs of the fund for the purpose of helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, civilians and children of Ukraine.

As an organization, we are responsible for delivering all humanitarian aid to users, because we deliver all products ourselves. We work exclusively officially, with the provision of all documents and confirmations of receiving aid and financial support for our charitable activities. We provide photo/ video reports.

Ukrainians bravely defend Ukraine and are grateful to all the World for their help and support!

How to help us

You can choose any area of ​​activity of the fund to make a charitable contribution. We will provide all necessary documents and reporting. Click the “Donate” button to go to the bank details page. Join our projects!

Our contacts

The headquarters of the Svitlana Legka’s Charity Foundation “Svitlii”

01042, Ukraine, Kyiv, P. Zahrebelnoho (M. Raіevskohо) street, 34

Tel.: +380504639563; +380445014949

E-mail: svitliifoundation@gmail.com

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