Active Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising for a truck for the medical unit of the 53rd brigade

We are collecting funds for a truck with a special refrigerator, which will ensure the preservation of medicines and medical materials in appropriate conditions. Let's help save the lives of our soldiers!

Fundraising for motor vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Collection of motor vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues. Our defenders desperately need to be mobile in order to repulse the enemy with full force.

Fundraising for tactical clothing of the Ukrainian military

Fundraising for thermal clothing, underwear, sleeping bags, fleeces, uniforms, tactical gloves, etc. - everything that is needed for the life of our soldiers. We must help our Defenders in every possible way!

A fundraiser to purchase Autel drones

The war of the 21st century is a war of technology. Drones are not just the "eyes" of our Defenders. This is a weapon in the fight against the enemy. 1 Autel drone costs 280-300 thousand UAH. Hundreds of them are needed. Let's collect at least 2 pcs. We believe in the power of people!

You can also make a quick donation, a charitable contribution to the current account of Svitlana Legka’s “Svitly” charitable foundation in Privatbank, or make a donation in another convenient way for you. To do this, click the “Donate” button to go to the details page. Thank you very much for your help! Every hryvnia is important!

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