Про благодійний фонд Світлани Легкої «Світлий»

Svitlana Legka

Activities now

The founder of the Svitlana Legka’s Charity Foundation “Svitlii”, a member of the voluntary formation of the territorial community, a military volunteer.

Experience and activities before the start of Russia's large-scale armed aggression against Ukraine

Svitlana Legka devoted her whole life to cultural development. TV producer, honored worker of culture. Charity is another important aspect of her activity. Charity in the socio-cultural sphere and art, care of orphanages, hospices, targeted assistance to sick children.

  • The owner of the event company «S.A.L.-show», «S.A.L.-rent» and the concert agency “Ukrtourconcert”.
  • Associate Professor of the Department of Television Journalism and Actor’s Skills at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Candidate of historical sciences. Teacher of disciplines: “Choreography”, “Rhythmics, art, dance”, “Stage movement and fencing”.
  • Concert director of the star football club “FC “Maestro”.
  • General producer of the “Miss Ukraine-Universe” competition. In the creative work, there are also well-known television projects: “Step to the Stars”, “Our Song”, “Superstar TV”, “People’s Star”, “Everybody Dances”, “Ukraine has talent”, “Viva – the most beautiful”, “Children’s Eurovision “, “TV Star”, etc.
  • Vice-president of the public organization “Business Ukrainian Women”.
  • Vice-president of the International Charitable Foundation “Gifted Children of Ukraine”.
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